Sports Simulators

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional pilot or competitive racer? Cross your realities and see for yourself with our immersive VRX simulators for flight and racing. You can also take the reins with our customized, multi-sport simulators and choose from over 14 games to play including hockey, soccer, zombie dodgeball, baseball, golf, arcade basketball, hunting, and more.

VR Stations

Expand your horizons and explore the latest in education, entertainment, and gaming with our three VR stations. With enhanced optics, precise tracking, and ultra-realistic sounds and visuals, you’ll have full control of the HTC VIVE Pro headset to see and experience every detail as if they were brought to life.

7D Cinema

Take a trip and forget where you are for a moment with our 7D Cinema experience. With seven exhilarating special effects that mirrors the movements happening on screen, our short rides offer up an intense experience. Instead of sitting back and watching the movie, you’ll be in the heart of the virtual action from start to finish.

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